Manufacturers expect sales growth of around 4 percent in the first half of the year.
With amazing scenery in Würzburg, from left to right: Michael Everwand (Vice Chairman), Alexander Marx (Board member), Georg Brügge (IBEDA, Member of the Economic Committee), Gerd Weissenfels (Chairman), Manfred Greifzu (Board member), Wolfgang Burchard (Managing Director). Dr. Benning (Board member) is missing.

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Interview mit Susanne Szczesny-Oßing, Präsidentin DVS / Aufsichtsratsvorsitzende EWM AG und Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin der EWM Industry GmbH


Information about requirements, risks and offers
Publication series with a new informative brochure
Hand cutting torches are used as tools for a wide variety of thermal cutting tasks. The "Risk or safety" series explains what needs to be paid attention to when working with these devices and what the hazards are.
High purity gas supply installations are designed to provide each individual point of use with the particular gas via a pipeline network.
While planning and installing new or extending existing high purity gas supply installations many parameters need to be taken into consideration. VDMA standard sheets provide comprehensive information.
Handling combustible and oxidizing gases requires a high degree of product quality. The observance of standards has to be ensured as well as a reliable quality management. In this brochure you will find everything that matters.
Under the title "Autogentechnik - universell, flexibel und immer modern" the eight most important thermal manufacturing processes are now combined in a new flyer.
The new brochure informs about how they could be constituted at its best and why the investment in products meeting the respective requirements is profitable.
Gas supply installations are designed to provide each individual place of consumption in a company with gas by means of a pipeline system. There are many reasons for investing in installations according to customer requirements – but also risks and dangers, which have to be avoided.
Cylinder pressure regulators provide the desired service pressure (secondary pressure). When they do not fulfill their function, in the worst case an explosion can occur. With this brochure we will inform you about the secure use and potential threats.
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Newsletter "Brennpunkt"
The quarterly newsletter "Brennpunkt" informs about current news from the industry and the association and gives experts the opportunity to speak on various topics.